The Save The Marriage Podcast

Immutable Law of Marriage: Connection Is The Lifeblood

August 25, 2016, 12:45 am • 16m

Maybe couples take it for granted.  Maybe they never knew.  And maybe they never knew because it was always there.  It was what led to being in love, to wanting to be together.  When it is there, you forget how important it is.  When it is gone, you realize your marriage is in deep trouble -- but often only when it hits a critical turning point. What is it? Connection. If a marriage loses connection, the marriage loses the lifeblood. A friend of mine almost died from a heart attack.  His arteries were nearly clogged -- and he never knew it!  Slowly, over time, the arteries were more and more clogged.  Sure, he got breathless.  But isn't that just a part of aging?  Sure, he was tired.  But wasn't his job stressful? The critical incident only required a little clot to blog the rest, and down he went!  He is fortunate to be alive. And now, once the blockage was cleared, he is feeling great.  He is back to exercising and an active life.  Why?  His blood flow is restored. The lifeblood of your marriage?  Connection.  If it is blocked off, your marriage is in trouble. The Immutable Law of Marriage:  Connection is the lifeblood of your marriage.  Listen to the podcast for what that means and how to restore circulation. Immutable Laws Of Marriage Series #1 Marriage Is About Becoming A WE #2 Marriage Is NOT A Vehicle for Happiness (Or Misery) #3 We ALL Have Fear #4 There Is NO Pause

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