New Name For The Former #NeoMarketing Podcast

New Name For The Former #NeoMarketing Podcast

Strategic Growth Podcast The Golding Group
April 06, 2022 • 33m
After 149 episodes (141 + 8 bonus eps) of the #NeoMarketing Podcast, it was time for a change. The new and improved Strategic Growth Podcast begins today by discussing the new name and exactly how and why strategic growth is good for your business today and in the future. Strategic: Informed, Intentional, Actionable, Measurable, Repeatable, Sustainable Growth: Expanding, Improving, Moving in the right direction. Not growing is stagnant or contracting. Growth happens after contraction to replace what was lost. Every aspect of growth is positive. Strategic Growth = Smart Success The Golding Group Strategic Growth podcast (formerly known as the #NeoMarketing podcast) offers...

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