ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka

ADHD, Anxiety, Self-Care and Law School with Jaklin Levine Pritzker EP: 77

June 24, 2020, 9:00 am • 44m

Join Tracy in Episode 77 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women where she introduces you to Jaklin Levine Pritzker (“Jak”):  Jak is a certified health/life coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She’s also an ADDCA trained ADHD coach. After graduating from law school and receiving her own ADHD diagnosis, Jak founded AuthenticallyADHD where she coaches, runs retreats and hosts a membership group for women and/or non-binary. Jak shares information about: Receiving her own ADHD diagnosis at the end of law school Her own struggle with anxiety, depression and panic attacks Self-medication Her other health challenges How she came to terms with walking away from the practice of law and instead found a new direction more suited to her Things she always wondered about but now sees as symptoms of ADHD Getting off medication when it doesn’t work for you and finding other workarounds How her ADHD diagnosis changed her life The key to living successfully with ADHD Her number one ADHD workaround Resources:

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