Radical Personal Finance

610-Friday Q&A: State Competition in Asset Protection Planning, Education, Financial Planning While Pregnant, Is Patreon a Good Funding Option, and More!

December 14, 2018, 7:04 pm • 1h 37m

2:45 - If you move from one state to another, do you have to start all over with your asset protection plan? 15:30 - How frequently does a state change its laws that relate to asset protection planning? 21:30 - What is the interplay between Federal regulations and State regulations? 23:35 - Is a 403(b) protected the same as a 401(k)? 25:30 - How have Joshua’s views on education changed in the last four years? 36:30 - What specific inspirational resources would Joshua recommend on the topic of education? 43:20 - How do you set financial priorities when you’re expecting a baby? 51:15 - How do you plan when you have a highly fluctuating income? 1:00:15 - How do you balance having a stockpile of cash while looking at big personal lifestyle expenses? 1:04:35 - Is Patreon a good option to monetize your website? 1:24:00 - Should our company add a Health Savings Account or Christian Healthcare Sharing Ministry option to our health plan?

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