The Fierce Marriage Podcast

What (little 'g') gods Are You Worshipping in Your Marriage?

November 12, 2019, 11:30 am • 58m

It's all too easy to pay lip service to Jesus in life and marriage, but live as if he's not King. In this episode of the Fierce Marriage Podcast, we recapped lessons we've learned from the past few weeks since the arrival of our 3rd daughter. God graciously allowed us to realize areas of our lives that we can tend to enthrone in a place of undue authority. We talked about the (little 'g') gods of control/power, status/pride, and (this is a big one we tend to worship all too quickly) comfort/pleasure. We hope you learn something new! Thanks for listening! Please remember to subscribe, rate, and review. As always, we welcome feedback... simply go to to leave a comment or to ask a question! Become a Patron! Support for the Fierce Marriage Podcast comes from partners like you via Patreon. If our content has helped you, we'd be honored if you'd consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Visit

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