Bonus: Ten Years

December 06, 2019, 10:00 am • 21m

Ten years have passed since the last day that Susan Powell was seen alive: December 6, 2009. In the decade since, her parents Chuck and Judy Cox have fought for access to police files, advocated against domestic abuse and maintained hope of someday finding their daughter. As the search for Susan enters its second decade, Chuck and Judy speak with Cold host Dave Cawley about how their lives have changed in Susan's absence. They also reflect on her enduring legacy and the lessons to be learned from her story.For the past four years, investigative reporter Dave Cawley has been studying thousands of police documents, journals, videos and diary entries. He has tracked down new sources, followed new leads and traced Josh Powell's trail from West Valley City, Utah, through Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and on to Washington State, where Powell killed himself and his two sons. Coldis the most complete retelling of the Susan Powell story ever. Join Dave Cawley in his search for truth. Share your thoughts: #ColdPodcast #FindSusanTwitterInstagramFacebook

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