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Projects: Jessica Rhodes and Corey Coates on the process of creating The Podcast Producers – BTTDL102

May 27, 2015, 2:00 am • 56m

Jessica Rhodes is the founder and President of Entrepreneur Support Services Inc. (ESS), a virtual assistant firm offering a variety of client support and graphic design services to busy entrepreneurs. ESS is the parent company to the wildly popular podcast guest booking firm, Jessica is the host of the hit weekly web TV show, Interview Connections TV where she brings expert tips and advice to podcasters and great guest experts. Her podcast, Rhodes to Success publishes weekly interviews with content and relationship marketers. Corey Coates has been podcasting since 2006. He is an audio engineer who has worked on countless podcast projects with his production company, Podfly Productions. Corey now focuses his attention fully on producing content for clients worldwide, and is the proud co-host of The Podcast Producers. THE PODCAST PRODUCERS – A SERIES ON THE ART AND BUSINESS OF PODCASTING! The series explores topics including: Podcasting for hobby or business, the podcast community, statistics and demographics, advertising on podcasts, podcast networks, the psychology of podcasting, outsourcing production or doing it yourself, the reaction of broadcast radio, and much more. Please connect with me Subscribe, rate, and review in iTunes Follow @ErikJFisher Check out more Network showsThe Audacity to Podcast: "How-to" podcast about podcastingBeyond the To-Do List: Personal and professional productivityThe Productive Woman: Productivity for busy womenONCE: Once Upon a Time podcastWelcome to Level Seven: Agents of SHIELD and Marvel’s cinematic universe podcastAre You Just Watching?: Movie reviews with Christian critical thinkingthe Ramen Noodle: Family-friendly clean comedy

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