P. David Ebersole - 99 Miles from L.A.

P. David Ebersole - 99 Miles from L.A.

House of Mystery Radio on NBC House of Mystery Radio
June 17, 2022 • 53m
Frank, a frustrated singer-turned-music professor finds himself entangled in a love affair with Shelley, a highly-educated, unhappily married woman.Jonesing to quit his teaching gig, Frank jumps at the chance to implement his new girlfriend's scheme to steal the skimmed-cash treasure from her marijuana business tycoon husband. Feeling they need a third, she introduces him to Ramon, her go-to bartender, armed with a nomadic upbringing and a gun from behind the register, who likewise is all in. But Shelley's well-thought-out heist gets more complicated when the two men find themselves impossibly drawn to one another.Hiding out in Palm Springs—99 miles from...

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