The Dave Ramsey Show

When to Use Sinking Funds (Hour 2)

September 07, 2018, 7:30 pm • 41m

Dave answers questions from across America on how to make money in real estate, sinking funds, interest rates for 529s and how to get out from under a huge pile of debt. Debt-Free Scream: A couple in Texas calls the show to share how they paid off $53,000 in just 17 months using the EveryDollar budgeting tool together!   The Easy Way to Budget Sinking Funds: Create your budget in just 10 minutes with EveryDollar!   Featured Calls: Are VA home loans a good idea for disabled veterans? How much interest should we be getting on our 529s? How do I get started paying off $372K in debt? What should I do with my military TSP?   Also Mentioned on the Show: You CAN become a millionaire. Read Everyday Millionaires to discover how. Learn how to make smart decisions now to help you live your retirement dreams with Retire Inspired. Never worry about money again with Financial Peace University. Learn how to get out of debt with The Total Money Makeover!    Thanks for listening!   Using Google Play? Here are links to the resources mentioned above: Financial Peace University: Everyday Millionaires: Retire Inspired: EveryDollar: The Total Money Makeover:  

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