Best Marriage Podcasts (updated 2020)

When it comes to marriage we all share a lot of common struggles with our partners. Whether it's your finances, intimacy in the bedroom, parenting, dealing with in-laws, or simply need reassurance from your loved one, we are all trying to do our best to keeping a healthy and happy marriage full of love. Couples therapy helps, but when our lives get busy it's easy to find ourselves with little time or resources to explain the challenges we face in relationships. Thankfully, there are marriage podcasts for you and your spouse to help you overcome these common relationship difficulties and help you learn a thing or two about making your marriage extraordinary by viewing your marriage through our spouse’s perspective.

After scouring the web for marriage-related podcasts, we've uncovered a list of the best marriage podcasts out there to help you fix your relationship issues and work together with your spouse during these difficult times. We hope these podcasts help you resolve the conflict and improve your relationship with your husband, wife, partner, and family.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts provide you with smart insights and practical tips to help improve our love journey. Have a listen and see how your relationship with your spouse flourishes. Put your headphones on, download the episode of what grabs your interest, and subscribe to these best marriage podcasts in 2020.

Passionately Married

by Dr Corey and Pam Allan



Formerly Sexy Marriage Radio. Conversations and actions to create a life and marriage fully alive!

Rise Together Podcast

by Dave Hollis



What if we worked as hard to listen to someone else’s truth as we did to share our own? Each week author Dave Hollis brings radical candor straight to your headphones via breathtakingly real conversations with authors, activists, and anyone with a story to tell. The results are poignant, hysterical, and heartbreaking - sometimes all inside the same episode. Catch new content every Thursday.