Best Pregnancy Podcasts - 2020

The moment you just find out that you are pregnant, your lifestyle changes and you start wondering what’s next. Ideally, you’ll be too happy to keep it to yourself, and therefore you’ll spread the good news to your friends and loved ones. They’ll also celebrate with you and will organize parties like a baby shower telling you how to keep the little one safe until it arrives.

This is not only a time of physical and emotional changes, but also a time when being nine months pregnant can feel like the world without an end, especially when you are fighting morning sickness. Because you want to see your baby, you will try anything possible to make sure your newborn is healthy. If it means changing your dressing and eating habits, you’ll only be glad to oblige.

A child in a family strengthens the family bond, bringing joy and happiness to parents. Pregnancy is a time when you get to ask questions about newborns and make very critical decisions in your life as a new mom. You will want to learn as much as possible so you can be better prepared. It does not matter whether it is your first or sixth pregnancy because there are always many things to learn as each pregnancy might be different.

Whether you are a few weeks old or thirty-two weeks into your pregnancy, having access to information, inspiration and some good comic relief is irresistible. If you read pregnancy books and fail to get what you need, try tuning in to a podcast. These mom podcasts are available for all mama bears to listen to as there is valuable content about pregnancy, birth stories, midwives, newborn care and even postpartum depression. You can listen to them when relaxing at home, doing house chores, driving or commuting to work.