Back from Broken

Back from Broken

Colorado Public Radio
Back From Broken is an interview series about what it takes to recover from the biggest challenge of your life -- and what others can learn from your adversity. Colorado Public Radio’s Vic Vela, an award-winning journalist who’s also a recovering drug addict, hosts the podcast. Vic talks with guests about challenges like substance abuse, mental illness, gambling addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. Each story describes the highest highs, the darkest moments and what it takes to make a comeback. It’s a raw, empathetic show that’s ultimately about hope -- and how recovery is possible.

Best Back from Broken Episodes

  • 1
    The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman
    The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman • Apr 26th ’19Anders Osborne
  • 2
    Why In The World
    Why In The World • Jul 3rd ’19David Mellor
  • 3
    Back from Broken
    Back from Broken • Mar 20thChamique Holdsclaw
  • 4
    Back from Broken
    Back from Broken • Apr 3rdVic's Story

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