Feelin' Film

Feelin' Film

Aaron White and Patrick Hicks
Welcome to Feelin' Film. Aaron and Patrick embark on a quest to change the tone of film criticism, one movie review at a time. Discussion is family friendly and centered around positive takeaways and emotional experience more than technical merit. We believe that all art is worthy of some praise and every movie makes us feel something. Tune in and join the conversation.

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Sooo this might be my favorite episode of the year 🥰😅
I watched Barbarian this weekend. I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed hearing your guys’ perspective on it 🫡 Feelin' Film (Aaron)
As a Halo aficionado since the early days, I am sooo excited for the new Halo series to come out. Feelin' Film (Aaron) talks about it at the timestamp
Oooo what a great group of people to bring on the pod. Such a fun conversation 😄