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There’s no need to be an Einstein or a Sherlock to know what this podcast show is all about. Criminal tells gripping stories of non-fictional crime: the criminals, the victims, and just about every other character in between. Podcast host Phoebe Judge guides listeners, taking them through all the hurdles, the suspense, twists, and the details of the story. It’s time to get the detective caps on.

Best Criminal Episodes

  • 1
    Criminal • Jun 18th ’21Episode 167: 48 Hours
  • 2
    Criminal • Jul 16th ’21Episode 169: Masquerade
  • 3
    Criminal • Jun 4th ’21Episode 166: On Fire
  • 4
    Criminal • Jul 2nd ’21Episode 168: 48 Hours, Part 2
  • 5
    Criminal • Mar 12th ’21Episode 160: Hot Lotto

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How is / why is that cops see the worst of society and they become jaded? But ER staff sees the worst and still have heart and see humanity?
Wow, this was an insane story. I want to read the book that was published about it! I am shocked because I really haven’t heard about this part of history and makes me wonder what on earth happens now
Omg. This story is INSANE. I cannot wait for part two as I have to know what happens😳
This was great. I’m so curious to find this children’s book now🐰
Woah this was a crazy story!! Word LOVE to see it as a movie or a series. I'm dying to know more about these characters! Ok so basically there's a backwoods county in Virginia full of abondoned buildings and over a 4 month span their VOLUNTEER fire department had to put out 90 fires! 90!!! I won't spoil the juciest parts but go listen!
An entertaining listen as the story unfolds. I can’t say anymore as not to ruin it.