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The Moth

The Moth
This podcast is dedicated to the fine art of storytelling. However, every true-life story on The Moth may be sad, exciting, happy, or tragic.The host, Marina Klutse, uses her wealth of social experiences to guide the storyteller to spill all the juicy details. Every week, The Moth chooses the best story from their nationwide-stage and delivers it to its audience in grand style.

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Great story and great storytelling. “Johnny!”⚾️
All of these stories- so good🥰
Such a great listen. I love how much I learn through listening to other people’s stories. Sled dogs, kosher eating and a story of recovery. Fills my heart today. The Moth is one of my favorites.
I Got You includes three short stories of people helping people. Some heartwarming and humorous tales of love and support. Much needed in 2020.♥️
This was my first time dabbling in “The Moth.” It reminded me of a short story book or anthology series. Interesting millennial relationship story in this one. I’ll definitely be trying a few others.