How I Built This with Guy Raz

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Guy Raz | Wondery
Another podcast produced by NPR, How I Built This with Guy Raz (hosted by, you guessed it, Guy Raz) covers topics like business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Each episode dives into the story behind a specific entrepreneur and the movement they started, including the people behind well-known companies like Instagram, Airbnb, Lyft, Chipotle, and Ben & Jerry’s. It’s super insightful and revealing, with plenty of gems to offer about how people succeed. It’s a great choice for anybody who’s interested in starting a business, or just learning about the ones they know and love.

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Maybe it’s a Mark Cuban thing but I don’t care for these kinds of episodes 😑
This was funny to listen to because my first job out of college was working for houzz and it was terrible. Had a list of cold leads&all I did was call through home professionals and try to get them to sign up😩 the overall idea is brilliant&so helpful for sure, but the way it was run was rough. They had so much flashy things like free breakfast etc but the experience took me years to get over.
I subscribe to wayyy too many curated email newsletters. But Morning Brew ☕️ stands out above the rest. This short episode with their cofounders highlights how they got their start and how they’ve maintained a 3mil person audience to stand out from the pack
This was such a fun episode- I love dude perfect videos, so it was fun to hear their whole background. I especially appreciated Guy’s thoughtful questions about their faith and how that impacts their work. Guy is an incredible question asker 👏🏻
Great ep w/ founder Paul English. It always amazes me how people can start and build multiple successful companies. Meanwhile I’m over here working on a free social podcast app 😂
Eleven Madison Park making headlines today and Guy, has the inside scoop. As a vegetarian, I’m very excited to see this initiative (going ALL plant based) at one of the worlds top restaurants🍽
I for one, really enjoy Kodiak Cakes- so fun to hear their story