Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

Produced and hosted by the staff of How Stuff Works, Stuff You Should Know, aka SYSK, dedicates each episode to teaching you about something you probably don’t know about. Each episode stands on its own, making it easy to pick a topic at random that interests you. And there is sure to be something that’ll tickle your fancy, as the podcast has dealt with everything from cheese and Barbie to tipping, pinball, and death. With something to offer for everyone, there’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

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I was pleasantly surprised at the take aways from this episode. The most important one to me is not to judge people for their bodies, but also that one of the most important changes that come with a diet is just a shift in mentality with how you look at food and your own eating habits.
I've never heard of Blue Holes before, and even though I'm not typically into the science-y type podcasts I did actually enjoy this episode this morning! Stuff You Should Know is always a great podcast to listen to if you just want to zone out and forget about reality for a moment.
Josh said it’s the best episode of SYSK and I agree lol it blew my mind and I ended up re-listening to the episode a couple of times. Really fascinating theory (or hypothesis) super interesting and now I’m paying much more attention to when I’m actually “conscious”. Anyone else into this type of stuff?
Here’s a reminder to recycle when you can! This episode of SYSK goes over why we need to be more careful with recycling plastics specifically, what is and isn’t recyclable, and how we even got into this mess. Did you know the US had to be taught by trash companies to throw away plastics? Also India banning all single-use plastics sounds amazing. I have no idea how well that would go in the US.
Mitsuye ("meat-sue-yeh") had an incredible impact on Japanese incarceration during WW2