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Fantasy Baseball Podcast: The Schlong Show featuring Lenny Dykstra

May 28, 2020 • 62m

Our Razzball Patreon Podcast from two weeks back was so good that we've decided to share it with the masses free of charge! If you enjoy this show, then we'd love for you to subscribe to our exclusive Patreon feed where you can enjoy all of our future Lenny Dykstra interviews and much more for the low low price of $5 per month. Here's what Grey had to say about this show when it was originally released a week and a half ago: "So, I didn't expect much from this Patreon podcast, but, honestly, waking up Lenny Dykstra mid-nap to hear him say Ron Darling sucks d**k, well...I have to be honest here, this podcast is in the pantheon of nonsense. So, we get Lenny Dykstra on the show, for, I don't know, maybe 15 minutes. He's in the middle of napping-slash-having sex and he's also very, very angry with Ron Darling, but, other than that, it was a totally normal conversation where I say 1993 Phillies players names and Lenny says whether or not they did drugs with him. Ya know, standard stuff. Then Donkey Teeth and I dive into how my grandfather picked up a girl in the last week during a pandemic and she's now moved in with him. Again, this is normal stuff. He's only 92 years old with more game than any of you. Next up (this is likely totally out of order), we talk about my love for Normal People on Hulu. There's no spoilers to say I think it's the best show of 2020. It's at least better than the shitshow that is the world. Finally, we discuss MLB's plans to return and Blake Snell's channeling of Vanilla Ice during contract negotiations. Maybe Vanilla should've had Blake Snell talk to Suge Knight about Ice, Ice Baby song rights. Who's to say? Then we pimp the YouTube fantasy football show that Donkey and Boof started. Bless them and everyone who listens to this Patreon podcast. It's five dollars per month to sign up, and every bit helps right now. Also, you can help us by subscribing to our Ad-free site." And that's a jackass quoting a lothario. Enjoy the show!