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History Daily

On History Daily, we do history, daily. Every weekday, host Lindsay Graham (American Scandal, American History Tellers) takes you back in time to explore a momentous moment that happened ‘on this day’ in history.   Whether it’s to remember the tragedy of December 7th, 1941, the day “that will live in infamy,” or to celebrate that 20th day in July, 1969, when mankind reached the moon, History Daily is there to tell you the true stories of the people and events that shaped our world—one day at a time.   So if you’re stuck in traffic, bored at work—wherever you are, listen to History Daily to remind yourself that something incredible happened to make that day historic.   A co-production from award-winning podcasters Airship and Noiser. For ad-free listening, exclusive content and early access to new episodes, join Noiser+, now available on Apple Podcasts. All shows are also available for free. If you’re listening on Apple Podcasts, press the ‘+’ icon to follow the show for free.

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    History Daily
    History Daily • Apr 22ndEarth Day
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    History Daily
    History Daily • Nov 2nd ’21The Spruce Goose Takes Flight
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    History Daily
    History Daily • Sep 11th ’21History Daily Trailer
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    History Daily
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    History Daily
    History Daily • Nov 3rd ’21Laika, the Space Dog

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