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For anyone discouraged by our current political discourse, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers bring a nuanced and grace-filled perspective to discussions about politics and news.

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International Trade, European Election Meddling, and Rural Infrastructure

May 14, 2019 • 78m

Today starts our annual Patreon drive! Visit our Patreon page to become part of the incredible community that supports our work and get access to exciting bonus content and perks.  We share thoughts on a variety of international news stories including trade with China, conflict with Iran, and Russian interference in European elections. Then, we dive deep on rural infrastructure and how the lack thereof is affecting America. Outside of politics, Sarah fumes about Game of Thrones and Beth contemplates different kinds of love on her 12th anniversary. International News Recommendations: Houthi Rebels in Yemen Four Ships Sabotaged in UAE US Air Carrier in the Gulf Russia and the European Elections Compliment the Other Side: Democratic Lawmakers and the Death Penalty Rural America Recommendations: The Hard Truths of Trying to ‘Save’ the Rural Economy The Opioid Epidemic in Kermit, W.Va. In deep-red West Virginia, Warren touts plan to fight opioid crisis Sanders' plan for rural America isn't much of a plan They Were Promised Coding Jobs in Appalachia. Now They Say It Was a Fraud. Kentucky’s $1.5 Billion Information Highway to Nowhere Why Rural America Needs Cities A New American Dream: The Rise of Immigrants in Rural America Rural America is Stranded in the Dial-Up Age How Rural Communities Are Embracing Immigrants and Thriving as a Result Thanks to our sponsors: theSkimm, FabFitFun, and Pact. Our book, I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening), is available! You can purchase it now - for yourself, for friends, for your representative, for your senator, for everyone! We appreciate all of you who are spreading the word about the book to your local bookstores, libraries, and social circles.





Fire and Fury, Oprah for President, and faith and politics with Michael Wear

January 09, 2018 • 105m

We discussed #MeToo's moment at the Golden Globes, including Oprah's (presidential?) speech. Beth is reading Fire and Fury and keeping us all updated and we talk faith and politics with Michael Wear.    Thanks to our patrons; we hope you'll consider supporting Pantsuit Politics by making a monthly contribution at Patreon and by leaving a positive review in the Apple Podcast Player for Pantsuit Politics and The Nuanced Life. Thanks to today's sponsors: ModCloth, Lola, and Ellevest. Sarah live tweeted The Golden Globes and we had lots of thoughts on political statements, Oprah's speech, and Hollywood's participation in the #MeToo #TimesUp movement. Beth also wanted to share an amazing interaction between Sarah Silverman and a Twitter troll.    Beth is currently reading Fire and Fury and we discuss the book, the coverage, and the biggest problem for the White House.    Sarah compliments Indiana State Representative Matt Lehman and Beth compliments Tabitha Isner.    In our main segment, we talk with Michael Wear, the founder of Public Square Strategies LLC, and a leading expert on the intersection of faith, politics and American public life. Wear directed faith outreach for President Obama's historic 2012 re-election campaign and was one of the youngest White House staffers in modern American history, leading evangelical outreach and helping manage The White House's engagement on religious and values issues, including adoption and anti-human trafficking efforts. He is also the author of Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America and the recent viral post Pro-life Voters and Pro-Choice Politicians. Outside of politics, Michael joins us to talk about The Crown and his love for Lidia Bastianich 





Five Things You Need to Know About Medicare for All

February 28, 2020 • 26m

What You Need to Know About Medicare for All: Medicare: minus the "All" (02:19) Medicare is popular because it touches so many Americans. (09:09) Currently, 44 million beneficiaries—some 15 percent of the U.S. population—are enrolled in the Medicare program. Enrollment is expected to rise to 79 million by 2030. Only one in 10 beneficiaries relies solely on the Medicare program for health care coverage. Medicare for All is not really Medicare and it's not one thing. (14:10) The cost of these plans is very, very high. (17:24) The Taiwanese health care system is the closest equivalent which is why you hear so much about it. (21:38) Sponsors: M.M.LaFleur The Real Real HelloFresh Thank you for being a part of our community! We couldn't do what we do without you. To become a tangible supporter of the show, please visit our Patreon page, purchase a copy of our book, I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening), or share the word about our work in your own circles. Buy tickets for our spring tour and find out about all of our events on our website. Episode Resources: Medicare’s Private Option Is Gaining Popularity, and Critics (The New York Times) Side-by-Side Comparison of Medicare-for-all and Public Plan Proposals Medicare For All (Politico) Medicare-for-All Is Not Medicare, and Not Really for All. So What Does It Actually Mean? (ProPublica) Sanders Embraces New Study That Lowers ‘Medicare For All’s’ Cost, But Skepticism Abounds (Kaiser Health News)  9 things Americans need to learn from the rest of the world’s health care systems (Vox) A Brief History: Universal Health Care Efforts in the US (PNHP) An Overview of Medicare (KFF) Here's How Warren Finds $20.5 Trillion To Pay For 'Medicare For All' (NPR) Medicare-for-all: Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s new bill, explained (Vox)