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Best ICYMI Episodes

  • 1
    ICYMI • Jun 26th ’21Was #FreeBritney Right All Along?
  • 2
    ICYMI • Oct 9th ’21We Are All the Bad Art Friend
  • 3
    ICYMI • Dec 22nd ’21The Fall of Neopets
  • 4
    ICYMI • Mar 31st ’21Lil Nas X is Going to Hell
  • 5
    ICYMI • Sep 18th ’21The Dark Subreddit of Men’s Rights Asians

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Really helpful catch-up on the problems with Britney Spears’ conservatorship, and why the institution as a whole is deeply disturbing. I hope the publicity of Spears’ plight forces a longer conversation about how easy it is to take away someone’s basic human rights in this country.
Some hilarious Saturday morning tea 🫖
Oh man this episode is a bucket of nostalgia. Who remembers omelets and paint brushes?
Slate’s new internet culture podcast ICYMI is ably filling a Reply All-shaped hole in my podcast lineup. The latest episode is a great recap of how Lil Nas X baited a bunch of angry Christians into promoting his new song for him, but I also liked the previous episode about the potential and problems with Clubhouse.