Imaginary Worlds

Imaginary Worlds

Eric Molinsky
Imaginary Worlds sounds like what would happen if NPR went to ComicCon and decided that’s all they ever wanted to cover. Host Eric Molinsky spent over a decade working as a public radio reporter and producer, and he uses those skills to create thoughtful, sound-rich episodes about science fiction, fantasy, and other genres of speculative fiction. Every other week, he talks with comic book artists, game designers, novelists, screenwriters, filmmakers, and fans about how they craft their worlds, why we suspend our disbelief, and what happens if the spell is broken. Imaginary worlds may be set on distant planets or parallel dimensions, but they are crafted here on Earth, and they’re always about us and our lived experiences.

Best Imaginary Worlds Episodes

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    Imaginary Worlds
    Imaginary Worlds • Oct 14th ’21The Ecology of Dune
  • 2
    Imaginary Worlds
    Imaginary Worlds • Jan 6th ’22Politics of the Funnies Part 1
  • 3
    Imaginary Worlds
    Imaginary Worlds • Apr 28th ’22De-Aging Well
  • 4
    Imaginary Worlds
    Imaginary Worlds • Apr 14th ’22Neurodivergent Futures
  • 5
    Imaginary Worlds
    Imaginary Worlds • Mar 3rd ’22Asian Futures Without Asians

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This was a wonderful recap of Pepper’s Ghost - what is the effect? What is its history? Where is it used?And how does this tie into the Haunted Mansion, arcade cabinets, and holograms? I love the way Pepper’s Ghost combines science and art to bring ghosts to life. Listening to how it’s used to bring a different kind of ghost back to life through holograms is wonderful.
Always wanted to get into the Discworld series but as a younger person I couldn't understand so I didn't bother. I consider this episode a sort of refresher to see if I can get into the book series.
Dune’s movie releases on October 22nd, so take the time to learn about the man behind the books. This episode of imaginary worlds covers Frank Herbert’s philosophy and environmentalism and it’s a fascinating ride. The host also makes a great point about how Dune may be a foreshadowing of problems in the future due to climate change. In the least, fog catchers sound like an awesome tool.
I had heard of the comic strip Pogo but never, ever considered reading it — if it hadn't remained culturally relevant, how could it be any good? I'm very grateful to Imaginary Worlds for proving my assumption wrong with this fascinating episode about Pogo, Walt Kelly, and politics in the funnies.
Interesting discussion of the philosophical meaning of aging inside not just star trek buyother franchises where they bring back old characters and actors. I like the phrase 'manufactured nostalgia' when discussing the films we try to bring back.
Ahh this was fascinating. I’d never thought or even noticed the convergence between sci-fi and Autism. Thanks for making this Eric Molinsky I think it’s an important listen.
Interesting! I had never recognized this in movies. Also thanks for the lovely Repod shoutout at the end 🥰 (at the timestamp)