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Have you ever heard of steaming? Twas a fad that promised women heaven and earth in their sexual lives, and more. All lies and no scientific backing whatsoever. As a matter of fact, upon research, the procedure does more harm than good (it honestly did no good at all). Science Vs zooms in on many more popularized misconceptions built around false scientific facts. Non-science folks too can understand basic scientific ideas. There's no better-equipped podcast host than Wendy Zukerman, the most humorous science journalist ever.

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    Science Vs
    Science Vs • Feb 5thJoe Rogan: The Malone Interview
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    Science Vs
    Science Vs • Oct 8th ’20Lab-Grown Meat: We Grill It
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    Science Vs • Mar 5th ’21Immune Boosting: Is It a Bust?
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    Science Vs
    Science Vs • Jan 28th ’21Butterflies Are Secret Monsters
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    Science Vs
    Science Vs • Nov 18th ’21Jurassic Park: Hold On to Your Butts

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I’m a very infrequent Science Vs listener but I have to say, I’m impressed that they’re making this move as a Spotify-owned podcast themselves. Also absolutely loved the brief ASMR interludes to highlight the lack of advertising 😂
I’ve been hearing about lab grown meat since 2013, so what happened to it? Where is it at now? This episode of Science Vs explores what the lab grown meat field has been doing and where it could lead. Does this actually help the environment? Wendy Zukerman’s bubbly personality really shines in this episode as she takes you on a journey through world of lab grown food and its future.
Can you boost your immune system to fight off Corona? Do vitamins help? I’ve found most information on vitamins and supplements to be a horrid cesspool of misinformation. Hearing well-cited science straight from a lead researcher’s mouth is refreshing. The answer to “how to boost your immune system” was also wonderfully explained - enough so for me to get out of my chair and walk around.
“The butterflies are drinking blood and eyeballs!” Yup, that’s a phrase that’s gonna pique my horror curiosity. Here’s a short episode from Science Vs about why butterflies are drinking tears, blood, and sometimes poop. Personally, I found it pretty interesting and love giving a spotlight to weird science facts like this one.
Oddly enough, I got into a conversation over Thanksgiving about this exact subject: resurrecting dinosaurs and the wooly mammoth. While I don’t have high hopes for ever getting a pet velociraptor, I think a future where wooly mammoths are roaming around the Arctic could be interesting. In the least, this episode is a great update to where humanity is as far as cloning technology is concerned.