Short Wave

Short Wave

Every weekday, podcast host Madie Sophia takes listeners on a journey of science “on a different wavelength”. Science is beautiful when it's not all jargon and equations. On Short Wave, non-science folks get a chance to appreciate the most basic elements of science. They get to learn discoveries, new mysteries, exciting knowledge, and elemental science life hacks.

Best Short Wave Episodes

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    Short Wave
    Short Wave • Feb 11th ’20A Tiny Satellite Revolution Is Afoot In Space
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    Short Wave
    Short Wave • Jan 27th ’21What The Spread Of Coronavirus Variants Means For The U.S.
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    Short Wave
    Short Wave • Sep 29th ’21How To Help Someone At Risk Of Suicide
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    Short Wave
    Short Wave • Mar 9th ’21One Key To Healthy Oceans? Sharks
  • 5
    Short Wave
    Short Wave • Nov 27th ’20How Tall Is Mount Everest REALLY?

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Love these shows. Always an interesting topic covered in just a few minutes! Tiny satellites... who knew!?
Sharing this because we ALL need to know about the basic signs and symptoms of suicide, and we can all help to prevent suicide.
Goodbye 29,029! Fascinating episode about the height of Everest and what goes into measuring it. Scrap the old text books because a team of scientists will soon announce a new height of Everest.