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Hidden Brain
An NPR podcast hosted by journalist Shankar Vedantam, Hidden Brain makes it its aim to use a combination of science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious drives and patterns that underlie human behavior, choices, and relationships. It answers questions like “why are we nice to some people and mean to others” and “why is marriage so difficult” and even “how does our psychology shape the way we respond to epidemics”. If you’re interested in psychology, this is definitely the podcast for you.

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Making the decision in 2020 to actively practice gratitude in my daily life is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I really enjoyed this episode outlining some of the specific research behind it. To summarize, the benefits of proactively 'counting your blessings' include: 💛 Enhanced physical health 💛 Improved relationships 💛 Reduced feelings of stress
I so relate to this. Finding your purpose can be hard, especially during transitional periods like before/after college or when you're looking for a job. The pressure and questions from everyone only make it worse. If you've struggled with finding your "purpose", I highly recommend this episode from Hidden Brain.
What makes us happy? When are we happy enough and how do we maximize our own happiness? Hidden Brain brings the science behind happiness and how we can adapt to the feeling of being happy. Hedonic adaptation can help us cope with our daily routine, but also sap the joy from our relationships. If you’re curious to how you may be adapting to your own happiness, then give this episode a listen.
This episode explores different psychology experiments and their results. The results on social pressure vs altruistic reasons in regards to folks donating when confronted in person were enlightening. I think there are parallels to this when I comes to tipping (especially on Square registers when everyone behind you in line can see your choice). 😂
Really enjoyed this episode as well!! I've always loved the business case they mentioned at the beginning of the episode about how consumers prefer to use a real egg in a boxed cake mix, even though it could technically be in powder form.