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Show hosts Ryan and Selena Frederick discuss modern marriage issues with their trademark transparency, humor, and gospel-centered discussion. Join them for honest conversations, light-hearted hilarity, and more than enough grace to go around.

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5 Ways to Fight for Your Integrity While Apart for Work (or Otherwise)

February 13, 2018 • 37m

Many couples experience separation for days, weeks, or even months because of work-related travel. If you or your husband/wife travel for a corporate job or military deployment, you will face unique challenges when it comes to staying connected emotionally (and physically), as well as maintaining spouse-honoring (and God-honoring) integrity while apart. In today's podcast, Ryan and Selena discuss five ways to fight for personal integrity while one of you is away for work. Show overview: Proverbs 25:28A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. 5 Ways to Fight for Your Integrity While Traveling for Work   Do healthy things to stay busy (have healthy fun) Read, go to a good movie, workout. Know yourself: what tempts you and steer clear of it. Establish a solid accountability system: Your spouse Check in questions Trusted, respected friends Software filtering Bring your spouse “with” you. Mention him/her intentionally in conversations with the opposite sex. Gather with brothers/sisters in Christ. Attend a church service, stay with people/acquaintances instead of staying alone)   Don't Forget If you'd like, please SUBSCRIBE, RATE, and REVIEW this podcast on your app of choice. It takes 30-60 seconds, and it helps get the word out about gospel-centered marriage. Thank you! Do you have a question? If you have a question, ask! Anything goes. Just visit or to submit a question or story; we’ll take care of the rest.