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This American Life
This American Life, hosted by the iconic Ira Glass, has been produced and aired on public radio since 1995. A journalistic non-fiction show showcasing fascinating stories about everything from coincidences to car dealerships to summer camp, the show manages to find a way to make pretty much any topic engaging. That’s probably why it’s won both a Peabody and a Pulitzer award. Each episode is about an hour long and available as a free podcast in addition to airing on the radio.

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"Oh wow, MSG!! How many of you have heard that MSG is bad? I remember hearing that, I remember believing it. Well there’s nothing wrong with it, go listen and learn. "
"All three stories were pretty different, the name felt like a bit of a stretch but they were all super good stories. From a North Korean kidnapping, migrant workers sharing shift beds and a girl getting her identity stolen. "