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This American Life
This American Life, hosted by the iconic Ira Glass, has been produced and aired on public radio since 1995. A journalistic non-fiction show showcasing fascinating stories about everything from coincidences to car dealerships to summer camp, the show manages to find a way to make pretty much any topic engaging. That’s probably why it’s won both a Peabody and a Pulitzer award. Each episode is about an hour long and available as a free podcast in addition to airing on the radio.

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Two interesting stories: One about Mississippi and the process to restore (or lack of restoration 😞) voting rights after a criminal charge and the second story, learning to read with learning challenges.
First story is super cute. An elementary teacher puts a 1970s style phone in her classroom and sends the kids to the “tattle phone” to express their complaints😂.
What a roller coaster! The most “open eyed” exploration of NFTs I’ve heard yet. The moral reversal at the end is particularly surprising.
You will love the second story in this episode, about the swimmer and the whale 🐋 🏊‍♀️