The Experiment

The Experiment

The Atlantic and WNYC Studios
Each week, we tell the story of what happens when individual people confront deeply held American ideals in their own lives. We're interested in the cultural and political contradictions that reveal who we are.

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    The Experiment
    The Experiment • Feb 11th ’2156 Years
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    The Experiment
    The Experiment • Apr 29th ’21What Makes a Murderer?
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    The Experiment
    The Experiment • Apr 15th ’21The Problem With America’s National Parks
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    The Experiment
    The Experiment • Feb 18th ’21The Case for Sweatpants
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    The Experiment
    The Experiment • Feb 3rdUncle SPAM

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I definitely didn’t *need* a new podcast in my queue, but The Experiment is worth checking out. Every episode is a totally different angle on US history and culture, and all of them are super well-produced. Here’s my favorite ep so far:
This is quite a bit heavier than what I usually share on here, but it’s a very well done piece on felony murder, weaving in interviews with Anissa Jordan, who was convicted of felony murder, the Justice Collaborative, and Keith Ellison. I also found Anissa’s honesty, openness, and introspection to be extremely powerful.
As someone who loves the National Park Service (really), I’m very persuaded by this argument. An ambitious, gradual project like the one proposed here would preserve all their greatness while inviting a long-overdue discussion about the injustices that created them in the first place.