Stay Away from Matthew MaGill

Stay Away from Matthew MaGill

Pineapple Street Studios
When Matthew MaGill died alone in the woods on the Florida-Georgia border, he left behind a box filled with the artifacts of an incredible life: from Broadway in the 1970s, to a 747 hijacking, to the culture of drugs and luxury cars in 1980s Florida. A series of coincidences leads reporter Eric Mennel to the box, sending him on a five-year search to understand the truth about its owner. But as Mennel learns who Matthew MaGill really was, he is confronted with questions about his own life, his own mistakes, and his own family secrets.

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This show is best appreciated from the beginning, but I really admire what the host Eric Mennel did here. Over the course of the series, he’s realized how his own life in some way mirrors that of his subject, and so he deviated from the main story; in this episode, Eric sits his siblings down for two uncomfortable but healing interviews about the hardships they have carried around.
In case anyone’s wondering, this is how you hook me into a show. Brilliant, engaging set-up to what sounds like it will be a really good show. I’m choosing not to binge it, even though I could on the app they mention, because I like taking a break to think about shows like this.