Armchair Expert Umbrella with Dax Shepard

Armchair Expert Umbrella with Dax Shepard

Armchair Umbrella
Dax Shepard, an actor, a successful movie director and now a podcast host. Dax has shown a different side to himself with his exploits as the host of the Armchair Experts. It’s funny, but more importantly, the conversations on this podcast veer toward life-affirming and development. This unique combo is bound to make listeners laugh every minute and nod in agreement the next. Dax explores the realities of humanity together with famous guests like Hasan Minaj, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more. If there’s a topic under the sun, the Armchair Expert is likely to cover it!

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Loved this episode with Reese Witherspoon
I actually thought this episode was good, I liked how they chatted about Seattle, white boy rap and especially sobriety. Macklemore is the best and just a solid dude. I didn’t know he went to rehab and still trying to not relapse when him and Ryan Lewis became famous!
Not a HUGE Amy Poelher fan but her and Tina Fey are the ultimate Golden Globe hosts. Enjoyed their conversation about celebrities, and her relationship with her Dad.
Gosh- being in the public eye would be so hard. Good on Dax for being willing to be so vulnerable about his mistakes.