The NoSleep Podcast

The NoSleep Podcast

David Cummings
This is a horror podcast you should go for if you can't find a good scary movie to scare away your night's sleep. As its name indicates, the NoSleep Podcast terrifies you so that you're wide-awake all night. This series is a vast collection of horror stories from all around the world, told in a spooky manner. Listening to it means you should be open to the idea of getting no sleep.

Best The NoSleep Podcast Episodes

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    The NoSleep Podcast
    The NoSleep Podcast • Sep 25th ’16NoSleep Podcast S7E25
  • 2
    The NoSleep Podcast
    The NoSleep Podcast • Mar 14th ’21NoSleep Podcast - Waiting for 16 Vol. 02
  • 3
    The NoSleep Podcast
    The NoSleep Podcast • Apr 23rd ’17NoSleep Podcast - Waiting for Nine
  • 4
    The NoSleep Podcast
    The NoSleep Podcast • Dec 20th ’20NOSLEEP PODCAST S15E17 – CHRISTMAS 2020
  • 5
    The NoSleep Podcast
    The NoSleep Podcast • Jul 10th ’22NoSleep Podcast S18E03

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I've listened to this phenomenal episode from the NoSleep Podcast for at least 10x already and it still gives me so much emotions. Want a movie for your ears just like Shipworm? Give this episode a listen. Headphones on, hot beverage ready, and immerse yourselves with Borrasca.
These two horror stories are beautifully voice acted. The first episode’s voice work does a fantastic job of showing the struggle in the main protagonist as they claw for every inch of sanity they can retain. The waver between his sane and insane voice is amazing. The second episode features one of my favorite narrators - Atticus Jackson - and his wonderful narration of an otherworldly horror.
The second story "The Pancake Family" still freaking gives me the chills no matter how much I listened to it. If that was real, that's the most horrifying "thing" you can imagine. Want some creeps? Listen to the second part of this episode starting minute 37:00. Enjoy.
Ugh, Christmas Horror. In my book, Christmas horror is like a blooming codependent relationship - it brings out the worst in two perfectly fine parties. For the genre. NOSLEEP doesn’t do a bad job here. These stories are wonderful in a podcast format, but I wish the endings were more satisfying. If you’re looking to add a bit of a chill to your Christmas, this isn’t a bad thing to listen to.