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Produced by podcast juggernaut Gimlet, Reply All is a technology and culture podcast all about the intersection between the internet and people. Podcast hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman take listeners through episodes ranging from thirty minutes to one hour in length that tell stories about social media mistakes, internet pranks, email culture, and hacking. It’s relevant to everybody who uses the internet, which is to say - everybody.

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THE EPISODE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! I love the deep dive, big explainer. So great. Well done. my opinion at least, I’m curious what y’all think about this episode
I have so many thoughts and feelings about this, I don’t know where to begin and what to say. This is a kind and thoughtful message. I am looking forward to hearing how Gimlet and ReplyAll grow from this moment. I hope they grow and continue to bring great stories to the world.
Woah, this is brand new Reply All feel. I liked this first chapter, although it probably helps to have some context on Bon Appetite prior to listening. I’m not sure if this new show format is permanent shift but I do miss their mystery internet investigative journalism pieces.
This episode is like a “Song Exploder” of Alex’s brain
Wow! Back in the day, with the invention of broadcast radio, one man in Kansas gains a cult-like following for his impententcy surgery. (The surgery involved goat testicles!!) Crazy to think about what life was like back then, and how much we DIDN'T know. Laws were passed, the Medial Association was established, and one old lady lives still lives in a mansion in Texas.
For sure one of their best episodes in a long while. The song is stuck in my head 😤😤😤
This is my favorite type of podcast episode. One that takes my preconceived notions, turns them on their head, and then makes me realize that there is an iceberg of information under the surface that they could only just begin to cover on the episode.
Emmett Harper your so right. This is multi series documentary worthy 🙌🏻