TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily

A spin-off of the wildly successful TED talk format that features expert speakers on topics ranging from business to tech to science, TED Talks Daily brings you insights from the latest TED talks in podcast format. Hosted by journalist Elise Hu, this podcast show promises thought-provoking, mind-stretching, insight-inducing content to make you go “huh” or “wow” or even “whaaaat?”.

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“When you ask people to give up hate, you have to be there for them when they do.” Beautiful, beautiful quote. It's too difficult to imbibe... Just like non-violence... But just as powerful. "Fighting hate should be fun; it's being a hater that sucks"
Tim turned me into stoicism. He’s like the modern ambassador for the philosophy
Please Jack turn the wheel #22:00
Travis Osterhaus I love how she calls them “relaunchers”