Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin take the audience on ever exciting adventures revolving around the unseen things that shape the seen world. What do the words “karma” and “fate” mean? Is there any truth to their meanings? Are there things that defy science? Here's where to have a field day. Join the two friendly podcast hosts for an exploration of all things unseen and supernatural. Lock all doors first!

Best Invisibilia Episodes

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    Invisibilia • May 20th ’21The Great Narrative Escape
  • 2
    Invisibilia • Mar 8th ’19The Fifth Vital Sign
  • 3
    Invisibilia • Oct 25th ’19Back When I Was Older
  • 4
    Invisibilia • Jun 12th ’21American Slow Radio
  • 5
    Invisibilia • Apr 22nd ’21Eat The Rich

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Here’s a unique approach to the phenomenon of “ghosting”: The main story in this episode of Invisibilia gets into avoidant personality disorder, which I had never heard of before, but which can manifest in a way that from the outside might look like someone cutting you off.
I'm here for this!! Would you watch tv that was just the view out the window of a train for 5 hours? No commercials, no narrative, just you and whatever your brain comes up with while you're watching. It's interesting to think about the watcher or listener having to play an active role in creating their own narrative instead of being guided through one. Fascinating episode!
Using pain to conquer pain?? Great episode. And music by Sleeping At Last too!
Tell me you wouldn’t freak out if your kid started saying stuff like this.
If you haven't listened to the last episode of Invisibilia, this one won't make any sense. I loved them both. This one was just the sounds and chats of people watching slow tv. I listened while I was cooking by myself and I was very relaxing. It was weirdly comforting.
Loving the new hosts!! And this is an thought provoking episode about white people making reparations to black people. A lot of people get huffy about it, but idk, wealth redistribution is going to have to happen at some point right? Could you put a number on the amount due? Would you even try?