Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie

Hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat take a willing journey of unhealthy exposure to the details of true crime stories. If it’s made headlines, chances are the Crime Junkie podcast will discuss it. Here, they cover rape, missing persons, and cold-blood murder, to name a few. The synergy between the hosts is so palpable, it's admirable. Flowers tells the story, and Prawat gives comments for perspective. It’s a great mix that makes for a thrilling listen.

Best Crime Junkie Episodes

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    Crime Junkie
    Crime Junkie • Apr 1st ’21MISSING: Esther Hollis
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    Crime Junkie
    Crime Junkie • Feb 14thMYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: JoAnn Matouk Romain Part 1
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    Crime Junkie
    Crime Junkie • May 3rdImportant Message

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The first episode of Crime Junkie without Brit was released yesterday. I figured I would be able to imagine it was like one of Ashley's other shows where she's solo. But no, Crime Junkie without Brit is...just wrong! It feels off. You're definitely missed, Brit!
No spoiler, but this is one episode of Crime Junkie I'm still thinking about over a year later.
This is truly one of the most interesting true crime stories I've ever heard. And I've heard aLOT. So many twists and turns. Ashley is such an incredible storyteller!
Brit needs our well wishes right now! Hopefully she makes a full and quick recovery. It's legitimately heartbreaking hearing Ashley like this. 🥺