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I’m the only person who hasn’t watched the Queen’s Gambit, but I still loved this interview with Marielle Heller, who plays Alma. Three reasons for that: before her return to acting, Heller directed two movies I really like — Can You Ever Forgive Me? and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood; she has a strong POV about gender inequality in Hollywood; and Kara Swisher lets her go deep on that topic.
Amazon, monopolies, limitless choices, and the downfall of retail biodiversity. Fascinating discussion with author Dave Eggers about his new dystopian novel "The Every" and how its disturbingly close to reality.
Wasn't a massive Don Lemon/CNN fan to begin with but I really loved this interview! He definitely has been at the center of the conversation surrounding racism in the country and he's a figurehead I'll always associate with this era.
Interesting episode with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt! He talked about his new show Mr. Corman who has anxiety/depression as a failed musician. The second half he discussed Silicon Valley vibe. He’s playing Travis former CEO of Uber in a movie! Not yet filming but still excited!
Ohhh. My twitter timeline is abuzz with talk about this episode. Kara Swisher interviews Tim Cook.