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If you’re looking to get your news fix in the podcast format, the New York Times’ The Daily podcast is a great go-to choice. Hosted by experienced political journalist Michael Barbaro, The Daily manages to fit all of the most relevant news from each day into just 20 - 25 minutes of content. It’s quick, brief, and to-the-point, so you don’t have to waste your time with filler stories. Perfect for listening to over your morning coffee, The Daily podcast is a great way to stay informed about current events.

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    The Daily • Sep 16th ’21The United States v. Elizabeth Holmes
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    The Daily
    The Daily • May 14th ’21A Conversation With a Dogecoin Millionaire
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    The Daily
    The Daily • Aug 16th ’21The Fall of Afghanistan
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    The Daily
    The Daily • Feb 27th ’20The Coronavirus Goes Global
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    The Daily
    The Daily • Aug 6th ’21Voices of the Unvaccinated

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More coverage of the Elizabeth Holmes case!! Excellent overview of the defense/prosecution arguments in this one.
The story of this guy is wild. Went in debt to buy doge and has made millions now, but he refuses to sell...
This was heart breaking to listen to. The Daily rams home how much of a tragedy the fall of Afghanistan is and how betrayed the people over there feel. If you’re wondering why anyone should care, then listen to this episode.
I didn’t realize the flu of 1918 actually dwindled in the summer but then came back hard in the fall. Hopefully we can produce some treatment by then 😷
One of my favorite arguments in this episode is "I'm vegan and healthy, I don't need a vaccine" 😂😂 in all seriousness, I do think conversations like this are extremely important. Everyone has their own reasons for getting vaccinated or not getting vaccinated, and I found the personal stories in this episode so interesting. Such a bizarre cultural phenomenon that we are living through.