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If you’re looking to get your news fix in the podcast format, the New York Times’ The Daily podcast is a great go-to choice. Hosted by experienced political journalist Michael Barbaro, The Daily manages to fit all of the most relevant news from each day into just 20 - 25 minutes of content. It’s quick, brief, and to-the-point, so you don’t have to waste your time with filler stories. Perfect for listening to over your morning coffee, The Daily podcast is a great way to stay informed about current events.

Best The Daily Episodes

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    The Daily
    The Daily • Feb 27thThe Coronavirus Goes Global
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    The Daily
    The Daily • Nov 12th ’18The California Wildfires
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    The Daily
    The Daily • Aug 29th ’19Why Uber Still Can’t Make a Profit
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    The Daily
    The Daily • Jun 10th ’19Part 1: The Battle for Europe
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    The Daily
    The Daily • Mar 24thWhy the American Approach Is Failing

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"There's so much grey area online right now when it comes to distinguishing between content marketing, PR campaigns, and fact-based journalism. It's so hard to watch local papers fade away, only to be replaced with advertorials and frankly, propaganda. I hope to see more PR agencies and news outlets pick up on this and take a stronger stance on media ethics in the digital age."
"Wonderful investigative piece about the changing attitudes of suburban women voters in Ohio. I'm not from Ohio and I'm not a mom but I found their stories and perspective so moving. "