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If you’re looking to get your news fix in the podcast format, the New York Times’ The Daily podcast is a great go-to choice. Hosted by experienced political journalist Michael Barbaro, The Daily manages to fit all of the most relevant news from each day into just 20 - 25 minutes of content. It’s quick, brief, and to-the-point, so you don’t have to waste your time with filler stories. Perfect for listening to over your morning coffee, The Daily podcast is a great way to stay informed about current events.

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    The Daily
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"Honestly, this is just sad. We will never recover from the past four years if we cant listen to each other, and that process will be infinitely more difficult if we cant agree on a shared truth. That's the real problem in my eyes."
"“They’re planning for a long term war.” The Daily gives us a peek into the other side of the attack on the Capital. Have all the recent social media bannings been effective? How have the right wing extremists reacted to this? Michael’s grunts of discomfort are extremely empathetic as his guest walks us through what’s happening now and what is being planned for the future. "
"I didn’t realize the flu of 1918 actually dwindled in the summer but then came back hard in the fall. Hopefully we can produce some treatment by then 😷"
"This might be the best podcast episode of the year. Have tissues before listening"
"I remember listening to Delilah growing up because my mom would be playing her on the radio. Back then I didn’t care for Delilah all that much but as I got older you realize the wholesomeness and warmth to her. This episode makes me like her even more now."
"If you’re like me, and you’re getting sick of being in quarantine, listen to this episode. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The Daily summarizes where we’re at with COVID vaccines, and so far, things sound pretty good. One of the doctors gave a hopeful answer that they can get vaccines out by May 2021. Prices, logistics, politics, and economics may plague this rollout however."