You know the saying, ‘The past is never the past’? Throughline podcast gives so much truth to those words. Co-hosts Ramtin Arablouei and Rund Abdelfatah help listeners understand the world today by lending them historical lenses. So, for people that want to learn more about the moments that created life as we know it now, this podcast is the place to start.

Best Throughline Episodes

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    Throughline • Jul 22nd ’21Olympics: Behind The Five Rings
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    Throughline • Jun 24th ’21Capitalism: What Is It?
  • 3
    Throughline • Mar 25th ’21The Land of the Fee
  • 4
    Throughline • Apr 1st ’21Our Own People

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I’m one of those people who doesn’t follow the Olympics (sorry), but as a business story it is fascinating. Love this explanation of how corporate sponsors came to dominate the games, from NPR’s Throughline.
Really, really enjoyed this discussion/debate on capitalism. Definitely a conversation that more people need to be having!!
As someone who's worked for tips for 15 years - this hits it on the head. It's so backwards how we do it here and offers no protection or stability to employees. So should we do away with tipping? Would bartenders stop trying if we did? Would it matter to anyone but Karen?? Do tips CREATE the Karen situation?! Ahhh idk I THINK THEY DO
THIS. Something I’ve noticed in looking back and learning about the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the gay rights movement — ALL oppressed and excluded others while fighting for their own equality. Civil rights excluded women & LGBTQ feminist excluded lesbians, gay rights excluded trans and bisexuals. (1/2)