The French Instinct

The French Instinct

Le français avec authenticité, par Katy Beauvais
Le français avec authenticité. Parle, pense, vis en français et découvre d‘autres horizons. If you are looking for interesting, unique, authentic and meaningful content and conversations to perfect your French, you’ve come to the right place. You‘ll immerse yourself in everyday French and I‘ll help you improve your speaking skills in context, through comprehensible input, in an enjoyable, inspiring and relaxing way.  Hello, I‘m Katy Beauvais, native French as a Foreign Language Instructor. I feel passionate about languages myself and I speak 5 languages. This podcast will be entirely in French as it‘s dedicated to Intermediate and Advanced French speakers.We‘ll talk about everyday life in France, French Language and Culture but also about language learning and multilingualism. Get access to the transcripts, exclusive content and my Discord becoming a member: Subscribe to the newsletter

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