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The Pod Spotter

Zack Robidas
There are over two million podcasts out there, so how can you find your next binge-worthy pod? The Pod Spotter team listens to tons of them. Every Monday, our host Zack Robidas, will highlight a great new or lesser-known podcast. He’ll talk to the host, play the best clips, and bring you a one-of-a-kind conversation you can't get anywhere else.

Best The Pod Spotter Episodes

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    The Pod Spotter
    The Pod Spotter • Jan 25th ’21S1 Ep#22: Twenty Thousand Hertz
  • 2
    The Pod Spotter
    The Pod Spotter • Apr 12th ’21S1 Ep#33: Do No Harm
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    The Pod Spotter
    The Pod Spotter • Jan 11th ’21S1 Ep#20: Verified: Dust Up
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    The Pod Spotter
    The Pod Spotter • Feb 15th ’21S1 Ep#25: Risk!
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    The Pod Spotter
    The Pod Spotter • May 17th ’21S1 Ep#38: Gamblers

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If you don’t know about The Apology Line, a social experiment created in NYC in 1981, you need to listen to Wondery’s The Apology Line podcast. An amazing story!
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Bear Brook was one of the first true crime podcasts I binged. Its amazing journalism and we were so excited to feature the pod on our latest episode!
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A great episode featuring the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz, a podcast that is dedicated to the unique and interesting stories we hear, and often take for granted, every day.
This is definitely one of the toughest parts of my job and a humbling story to listen to. It always saddens me to hear examples of when these sorts of cases don’t always get handled perfectly. That being said I can tell you from my own experience (and I think it’s fairly safe to say nearly every Pediatrician who has ever practiced);
This week, The Pod Spotter features the Verified Podcast, a pod that details the J&J Baby Powder scandal.
This week, Zack interviews Kevin Allison, host of the podcast Risk! and they talk about some of the craziest, funniest, shocking-est stories that have been told on his pod.