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Comedian Billy Procida talks to past hook-ups and special guests about sex, dating and sexuality. RetroFuture by Kevin MacLeod ( Album Photo by Adam Courtney (IG: adamcourtneyphoto)

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Ep. 70 - Swingers Part 1: Keeping Marriage Sexy

August 12, 2015 • 51m

This is the first episode of an epic two-part series about marriage, love and lots of group sex! Through a serendipitous series of events, Alex reemerged into my life earlier this summer when her husband emailed me asking if I'd like to have sex with her again. We discuss her swinger lifestyle with her husband, group sex and feeling young in her long marriage. What's the magic number for a gangbang? Well, we now know that 13 dicks is way too many! "It's like a soccer team!" Alex and I discuss the finer points of group sex, including why having a sex ratio that's heavily male is beneficial to a party. I recall my first-ever Craigslist bukkake. Men and women: don't be creepy on the Internet. It's fine to say, "I want your dick." But, like, also say your name and maybe what your favorite season of Boy Meets World is. Alex and I both share the same fantasy of being paid for sex. Listen to us discuss our whore fantasies. She also shares how her relationship with her husband began inviting other dicks to the bedroom. Alex gives some tips on how to swing and when to say no! Come dance with me! Dance through the streets of New York City with a manwhore-led What The Float on August 15 & 22! For information and tickets visit Support The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon and receive great rewards! Make your pledge today by visiting my Patreon page! This week's episode is sponsored by feelings. If you weren't outraged at something totally reasonable, find some feelings and blow things up! Email your comments, questions and boobie pictures to





Ep. 75 - Date Bits, Dating Flaws and Dick Pics

September 16, 2015 • 56m

Nikki from Tinder is back in Bushwick again for her third apperance on the show. With mutual contempt, we made it through another hour of conversation about sex and dating. Don't know about my history with this woman? Go listen to her first appearance on the show and hear why we're less-than-best friends post-hook-up. We also ponder some of dating's big questions on an all-new Manwhore Podcast Nikki is dating someone new (again) and we're both hoping that this guy works out. They met on Tinder. Déjà vu! Nikki isn't sure if they're exclusive though. Of course my advice to her is: communication! When is the ideal time to ask to be boyfriend-girlfriend? Also, Billy does his final fantsy football draft during the episode. Sorry! I could totally see Nikki as a mom. She has a very "I'm going to smack you if you misbehave" aura about her. Listen to her discuss why her dream is to be a total MILF! Plus, she shares her personal dating flaws that keep her from securing "the One." Soraya Doolbaz has an art show of professionally-taken dick pics. So we rate some penis photography in this week's episode. You may need this blog post to follow along! Here are the dicks we looked at in order from Critique My Dick Pic's tumblr. (NSFW) Panties BBC Micropenis Strap-on Feminine guy Come see UnSlut: A Documentary Film followed by a Q&A with director Emily Lindin and executive producer (and WWE Hall of Famer) Mick Foley in New York City on Oct. 6! Advance tickets are $12 until 10/1 and $20 at the door. Click here to buy your tickets today! Support The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon and receive great rewards. Make your pledge today by visitnig my Patreon page! This week's episode is sponsored by fried Snickers bars. When life's got you down, fried Snickers bars keep you down. Email your comments, questions or boobies to





Ep. 30 - The Pros/Cons of Porn with Sophie Delancey!

November 05, 2014 • 78m

Feminist pornographer Sophie Delancey proves that blowjobs can be empowering and fun! Billy chats with special guest Sophie, Vice President of The Art Of Blowjob. This Canadian describes what running a small porn company entails and what made her ditch her dreams of singing opera for working in the adult entertainment industry. Plus, she explains why feminism and porn can go hand in hand! Billy discusses the depressing state of sex education in America's schools. Because of the lack of sex ed in public schools, young adults are learning all about sex from porn. Hear the pros and cons of this on The Manwhore Podcast! For a full breakdown of paltry sex ed requirements, check out the Guttmacher Institute State Policies brief. Sophie Delancey hasn't only produced porn. She discussed what it was like giving tender, loving blowjobs on-camera. Sophie also describes what it's like dating someone while working in porn. She is also a pretty kinky girl. Hear about how this kinky feminist straps it on to take the dominant role! If you like blowjobs, check out and get yourself a membership! For free porn, you can see Sophie's very NSFW Tumblr: Follow her on Twitter: @sophiedelancey. This week's episode is sponsored by waking up late. Go ahead and sleep in! You don't need to write that screenplay today. Email your comments or question to