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The Danny Miranda Podcast

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Interviews with the happiest, healthiest, and wisest people in the world. New episodes Monday and Thursday. Previous guest appearances include Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Miss Excel Kat Norton, James Altucher, Ariel Helwani, David Perell, Kamal Ravikant, Mike Maples, Sharon Salzberg, Dickie Bush, George Heaton, Rob Lipsett, Colin & Samir, Shaan Puri, Gay Hendricks, and many more incredible humans.

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Super interesting to hear Nathan talk about his (pre covid) homeschool experience. They way in which he talks about being in charge of his educational experience and his parents willingness to let him not confirm to “the regular playbook” is reminiscent of my 90s homeschool experience. I think there is merit to this unconventional approach.
Matt Izzo gives me David Goggins vibes. Super inspirational.
I see tweets from Sahil Bloom on a daily basis but I’ve somehow never heard him speak. This was a really great conversation between him and Danny Miranda. Even if you don’t listen to the full episode you gotta at least play this clip. Sahil shares a story about meeting Tim Cook (Apple CEO) at the gym. And what happened next was CRAZY 🤯
Jay and Danny on the same pod together 🤭 this is like having Spider-Man and Batman together. Two future, all time podcast greats!